Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants

Water treatment for industrial-scale processes makes the water more acceptable for it’s intended end-use. Water treatment removes or reduces the concentration of water contaminants so the water becomes fit for it’s desired end-use, either reuse or safely returning used water to the environment. In many cases this water is classified as “difficult” to treat because of the chemicals involved and other factors such as pH and/or ambient temperature.

However effluent water from one process might be perfectly suitable for reuse in another process on site. With the proper treatment, a significant proportion of industrial on-site process water is reusable. The goal is near full reclaim of the water.

Industrial Water Reuse System

Advancements in water treatment technology have affected all areas of industrial water treatment. New water treatment technology and equipment now reduces costly disposal fees and hazardous waste.

BI Pure Water designs, manufactures, and delivers custom process water treatment plants for specific needs like mining, petroleum, power generation, agrifood, pharma and manufacturing sectors.

How do we conduct this development process so efficiently?

  • The first step is to fully understand the customer’s needs and requirements.
  • Next full water analysis data is gathered from several periods during the year(s).
  • BI Pure Water’s Engineering team conducts a preliminary design and 3D CAD modeling, allowing the customer to understand the project and budgetary costs.
  • Taking into account the customer’s review and advice, final design is undertaken.
  • The package plant is then manufactured in Surrey, by trained staff, with a full range of components nearby.
  • Leak testing, startup and pre-commissioning take place before shipping. Often the owners’ representative is present to review test results.
  • The plant is then loaded on a semitrailer and shipped to site. Sometimes the plant goes to a ship or barge that will take the plant to site.
  • On site the plant is unloaded and set in place. Power, water supply, reject waste and distribution lines are connected by site crews.
  • Startup, commissioning and operator training can take place within a week of the plant arriving on site and being connected.

Our package treatment plant designs are most cost effective for flows in a system producing 10,000 Liters a day up to 3,000,000 Liters per day. Among our industrial customers are NovaGold, Teck Cominco, Merit Mining, Yukon Zinc (all mining), TransAlta, Alterra Power/GE Energy (power gen.) and Kodak Canada.

Package Treatment Plants are:

  • Compact for easy integration into existing facilities or sites
  • Come with complete engineering packages and quick delivery
  • Comprehensive cleaning capabilities for peak system performance
  • Simple operation and maintenance, CPU automation requires minimal operator supervision

Few water system suppliers provide the level of service that BI Pure Water provides; we are a distributor for most major manufacturers. We also have regular service plans and can provide ongoing engineering and technical support, and upgrades.


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