Meet Our Team

Meet our team

The engineering department of our team: (clockwise from left) Wayne Wu, Catherine Anderson, Jim Tam, Guan Wong, Scott Foster, George Thorpe, Paul Anderson. Also: Ian Wylie, Aqdas Javaid, Mike Beeney



President/Operations Mgr: Scott Foster, B.A. Econ., Geo.
VP Operations: George W. Thorpe, P.Eng.
Engineering Manager: Paul Anderson, P.Eng.
Technical Sales: Mike Beeney
  Technical Sales (Ontario/U.S.):   Aqdas Javaid, M.E.Sc.
Cel. 778-908-6659
Inside Sales Manager: Rommel Emata, M.Ed. Chem.
R&D Manager: Ian Wylie, M.Sc, CHTM
Project Manager: Jim Tam, P.Eng
Project Manager: Wayne Wu, B.Sc.
Electrical Engineer: Guan Wong, P.Eng
Project Engineer: Catherine Anderson, EIT
Marketing Coordinator: Deanne Mould
CADD Designer: Rick Santer
Service Manager: Paul Beavil
Production Lead (Mechanical): Bruce Murray
Production Lead (Electrical): Steve Foreman
Service Technician: Adrian Dyer
Office Manager: Leighanne Whelan
Reception/Ship/Rec/Accounting: Chin Veneracion


One of our recent projects #filtering dredged water from Victoria BC Harbour brings up live artillery shell

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