The many uses of ultrafiltration

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The many uses of ultrafiltration

Particulate and pathogen free water

UF Benefits

  • Superb filtrate quality
  • Removal of suspended solids (turbidity) & micro-organisms
  • Partial removal of TOC, COD & BOD
  • Fully automated operation – operator friendly
  • Save $ and time wasted on cartridge filters
  • Only Chlorine required for membrane cleaning
  • low energy requirement

uf project1 Reliable Potable Water Supply

By removing essentially all colloidal particles 0.01 to 1.0 micron, UF will remedy community water supply prone to turbidity, especially during spring runoff. The UF membrane also provides 4-log removal of viruses, cycts and bacteria. The filter is low maintenance and needs to be replaced an average of every six years.

uf project2 Waste water reclamation

UF has proven useful for pre-treatment before RO, extending the life of a Reverse Osmosis unit and removing virtually all larger particles from a waste stream. Process wastewater can be recycled or reclaimed, saving money on wastewater disposal.

uf project3 Post Sewage Treatment

A ceramic UF unit can be added to a traditional sludge facility to meet increased regulations for filtrate release. Membranes are long lasting and can be gravity fed, so very inexpensive to operate.

uf project4 Industrial Sites

Particulate removal from water is conducted by UF membranes on industrial sites such as Mosaic Potash mine in Saskatchewan, TransAlta, AB coal power sites and Toba Inlet hydro power. The low maintenance filters enable process or source water to meet Canadian drinking water standards.


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