Biperliminate to remediate legacy site in Glacier National Park

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Biperliminate to remediate legacy site in Glacier National Park

BI Pure Water has been awarded an Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) contract for its Biperliminate™ Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) to remediate groundwater toxins at Glacier National Park.

BI Pure Water is a BC-based designer and manufacturer of customized and modular water treatment solutions for potable and wastewater. This contract for $385,000 follows a thorough and exhaustive screening for the technology, the statement of work and the cost justifications.

At Roger’s Pass National Historic Site, the customized Biperliminate™ system will remediate poly-aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) such as Naphthalene (C10H8) and BTEX (Xylenes – C8H10), diesel fuel and metal contaminants to attain the most stringent fresh water specifications in Canada, i.e. the BC Freshwater Aquatic Life standard. The mobile trailer-mounted system has a capacity of 1-4 m3/hour. It is highly automated and remotely monitored by cell phone. The contaminants will be destroyed on site rather than being transported elsewhere for disposal.

The soil contamination at the site is a result of the transportation history of the area including the construction and operation of the railway through Rogers Pass in the late 1800s, followed by the construction of the Trans-Canada Highway in the 1960s, and the subsequent operation of a service station until 2009.

Biperliminate™ is a safe, low cost Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP). Difficult-to-destroy and persistent organic toxins in ground water are converted to safe end products such as vinegar and carbonate ions. Operating costs for the technology are typically $1 per cubic meter of wastewater or less.

Biperliminate™ technology has been effectively applied in the lab and at several pilot sites on other wastewaters including landfill leachates, mining waters including those contaminated with cyanide, municipal wastewater tertiary treatment, pharmaceutical, chemical and oil and gas wastewaters. There are many wastewater challenges in the world which Biperliminate™ can broadly target with this low cost on site Advanced Oxidation Process.


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