Agriculture Water Filtration

Agriculture Water and Food Filtration

Our customers come to us when their water or wastewater needs to be filtered or treated in specific ways in food-growing industries.

Manure Waste Treatment: Water and Nutrient Recovery

BI Pure Water has a small system for recovering useable water and fertilizer nutrients from manure, while reducing the amount of waste that needs to be stored or composted by up to 95%. The trailer-mounted wastewater filtration unit includes membranes which conduct biological decomposition and water recovery. Manure may be initially filtered with a digester–if there is an interest and quantity for biogas production–and liquid/solid separator before passing through the bio-filter.

membrane unit for manure nutrient and water recovery Superb filtrate quality

  • Removal of suspended solids (turbidity) & micro-organisms
  • Removal of TOC, COD & BOD
  • Fully automated operation – operator friendly
  • Low energy requirement


Greenhouse and Nursery Water Recycling

Greenhouse and nursery water recycling systems and fertilizer recovery are becoming more common in this industry. Water is usually purified when recycled to remove bacteria and viruses/plant disease with a UV unit. Ultrafiltration also removes bacteria and viruses and may show an even greater nutrient/fertilizer recovery than UV.

In a Florida nursery case study an Accu-tab chlorinator installed on an irrigation water recycling system prevented the spread of plant disease and helped clean up the irrigation system.

Wastewater Recycling for Breweries

While brewery waste used to be sent for hog feed, the wastewater now may contain cleaning and other chemicals which must meet local requirements for disposal. Thus brewery waste treatment can sometimes be a complex process depending on its components. Contact us for more information. Different waste streams may be diverted, handled separately and/or treated with biological methods or ultrafiltration.


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