Wastewater treatment with a bioreactor

Turnkey Sewage Treatment with an MBR Plant

Membrane Bioreactors yield high quality water with less sludge

membrane bioreactor in containerBI Pure Water (BPW) is now supplying package sewage treatment plants with Membrane Bioreactors. Manufactured in Germany, these ultrafiltration membranes have been tried and tested in thousands of applications worldwide.

MBR has a wide range of wastewater treatment applications and is efficient at reducing BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), Total Suspended Solids, bacteria, total coliforms, ammonia, and nitrogen, phosphorus, and turbidity.

Membrane Bioreactors combine conventional activated sludge treatment with membrane filtration, in a compact footprint, to produce high quality water as per Canadian and US discharge standards. The treated effluent can be reused as industrial process water and landscape irrigation. BIPW-MBR can be added to traditional facilities to release a higher quality of filtrate, meeting new regulations.

BI Pure Water designs, builds, delivers, and commissions custom turnkey package sewage plants.

Size by flow:

  • One 40-ft ISO shipping container for a 150-man (38 m3/d) 10,000 US GPD MBR for domestic sewage
  • Multiple ISO shipping containers for larger flows and higher strength wastewaters
  • Larger plants in 12’ wide x 12’ high x 40’ long steel tanks
  • Concrete tanks for even higher flows

MBR package plants are ideal for decentralized treatment services such as small-to-medium municipal applications, subdivisions, industrial sites, camps, or resorts. BI Pure Water is committed to delivering quality water that meets or exceeds regulations — for a better, cleaner environment.

diagram of BPW-MBR membrane function

How It Works:

Membrane units are submerged directly into the wastewater and filtrate (filtered water) is drawn through and out of the membrane by a slight negative pressure. Solids, bacteria, parasites and viruses remain in the bioreactor to be digested by bacteria or settle as sludge. BPW-MBRs eliminate the need for the final stages of conventional wastewater treatment plants, including clarification and filtration.

Minimal Maintenance

  • With specially-designed air scouring, the build-up of biofilms is greatly reduced and the need for chemical cleaning is once or twice per year. Membrane life is extended, minimizing maintenance.
  • System layout is designed to accommodate and simplify maintenance procedures
  • Membranes are easy to load and remove for fast changeouts

Modular Scale-up

BPW-MBR systems can be scaled up to 1 million gallons per day by simply using more membranes. Membranes are modular so that they can be arranged in various combinations inside the housings – stacked or side-by-side – to reduce space. MBR uses much less space than conventional wastewater systems.

BPW-MBR System Advantages

  • 60-80% less sludge produced versus conventional activated sludge systems
  • Effective barrier against solids, organic pollutants and micro-organisms
  • Optimum design of scouring air diffusers provides a 40% oxygen credit (reduction in air requirement) for aeration tank for BPW-MBR as compared to other MBRs
  • Chemical-free self-cleaning with backpulse capability for reduced maintenance
  • Modular design minimizes space requirements


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