Incorporating UV into your pool treatment

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Incorporating UV into your pool treatment

“The installation and startup was speedy and we are already noticing many positive benefits. The chloramine level is low. The typical pool smell is gone, swimmers are happy and chlorine use has significantly dropped. BI Pure Water worked with us to train the operator and fine tune the UV equipment.” –Jim Raddysh, Salt Spring’s facility manager

Ultraviolet disinfection units are currently being incorporated in municipal drinking water treatment systems, by federal legislation, to great success. And increasingly your public is asking to bathe in a swimming pool disinfected without high levels of chlorine or other chemical additives.

Chlorine tends to react with perspiration, oils, hair and urine from swimmers to form chloramines. Chloramines are unhealthy to breath and can cause an acrid odour. Some research suggests chloramines may increase the risk of asthma to swimmers.

Adding a UV component will typically increase the cost of a water treatment system by about $60,000. It does improve water clarity, will cut your use of chemicals typically by 50 per cent, and with the popularity of UV may well give your facility a competitive advantage.

Saltspring Island pool with UV unit installed in addition to chlorination
We’ve found UV in conjunction with a chlorinator to be very effective and benign water treatment. UV works in several ways. UV primarily works to kill bacteria, viruses, and moulds/spores. It’s secondary action initiates photochemical and photo-oxidation reactions which destroy the chloramines.

For most pools an efficient chlorininator is still the most cost efficient system, but those with larger budgets and discriminating customers, UV is the way to go.


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