First Nations Treatment Plants built by consensus

BI Pure Water has been helping build successful water treatment systems for remote and First Nations communities for more than twenty years. BI Pure Water is also a member of RES’EAU’s Community Circles program, which gathers feedback from each community during the design process. Treatment systems are designed to be easy to maintain, with the minimum chemical demand and parts replacement.

Community Circles was awarded the 2017 BCWWA Excellence & Innovation in the Water Industry Award and was a finalist for the 2017 Water Canada awards.

BIPW Chlorinators are in use in many remote First Nations communities, providing a safe source of disinfected drinking water with easy-to-use Accu-tab chlorine pucks. BI Pure Water provides service to these communities from time to time and supplies Accu-tabs and treatment parts on request from our inside sales department.

Lytton BC Water Treatment system is providing potable water to community for the first time in decades