Frack Water

RO for effective low-cost remediation of frack water

RO brackish water recyclingRO skid for purifying brackish water

Frack water and other high salinity produced waters are a challenging wastewater treatment. Usually these waters are reinjected far back underground at high pressure. BI Pure Water’s UF/RO combination concentrates salts in a reject flow that allows up to 99% of the water to be reused or discharged, meeting environmental regulations or even drinking water standards.

RO membranes are capable of withstanding pressures of up to 120 bar (1740 psi) to maximize permeate flow and minimize the reject stream volume. Each membrane can provide a flow rate of up to 6400 GPD (24 m3/d). BI Pure Water can design wastewater treatment systems for any flow rate requirement.

BI Pure Water’s extensive history of designing custom application-specific solutions for challenging wastewater applications provides confidence to customers requiring well-engineered treatment systems with long life and lowest energy requirements. Our combined UF/RO systems approach delivers high performance and RO membrane protection for longer system life. High purity potable water RO permeate even from high salinity wastewaters should help dispel the notion that fracking is a dangerous practice.


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