Package Treatment Plants

From piloting to commissioning, package water and sewage treatment plants are designed to be self-sufficient


Turnkey package wastewater treatment systems

Decentralized communities, subdivisions and resorts, and industrial wastewater sites can benefit from the high quality filtrate released by new wastewater technologies. Custom wastewater treatment systems fit inside a container and ship ready to install at any location. More about package wastewater treatment

Factory built and tested water, sewage and waste water systems are saving costs for water utilities. A package treatment plant can be new or an upgraded system to fit into existing facilities. They take advantage of factory efficiencies and may be built in weeks, much faster and less expensively than on-site. The package built plants are then tested and shipped to the source water site where they are easily put into commission.

Our Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) buildings have peaked roofs to fit in with other buildings in the area. The environmentally sound SIPs provide superior insulation compared to wood structures. For large buildings, the structure can be divided into two or four sections.

The design of the treatment system is always customized to the source water and to take advantage of new technologies. Water may be treated with multi-stage systems, such as with multiple filters, and UV with a chlorine residual.

Each plant is equipped with software customized for their system. The plants are operated by touch-screen computer or inside the plant on the control panel’s touch screen computer/PLC. The PLC keeps track of parameters such as turbidity over time, equipment life and functionality, current water pressure, flow rates and chlorine usage over time.

Package Treatment Plants are;

  • Compact for easy integration into existing facilities
  • Come with complete engineering packages and quick delivery
  • Comprehensive cleaning capabilities for peak system performance
  • Simple operation and maintenance, CPU/PLC automation requires minimal operator supervision

Local operators are trained for day-to-day maintenance of package plants and BI Pure Water supplies additional service and assistance, and is a Western Canada distributor for all parts if required.