Controls and automation built in for water and waste treatment systems


control panel for water treatment plant

The system process is shown on the HMI with intuitive icon controls

BI Pure Water employs a control panel department with electrical engineers, electricians, and panel builders because each of our treatment systems comes with a custom built panel designed and wired for manual and automatic control. A touchscreen HMI display if requested by clients enables even greater intuitive control of your treatment system. The HMI shows a user-friendly diagram of the complete system and the operator can touch icons for further information and control of specific components such as valves and pumps.


BI Pure Water has designed turnkey datablock functions specifically for water and waste treatment software. This enables our engineers to swiftly program system operations.

PLCs include Siemens, Schneider Electric, Allen Bradley, or any custom SCADA may be used.

ETL certification for panel buildingBI Pure Water is a certified panel building shop and can build custom panels.

BI Pure Water is also an expert at wiring and programming VFDs and often does programming for any client looking to integrate a variable frequency drive into their existing system.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Remote monitoring via the internet or ethernet sends alerts to operators who can execute treatment plant operations remotely, 24 hours a day. Important parameters and trending data such as chlorine usage, turbidity, pressure differential, flows, tank levels, pump status and temperatures can all be checked remotely via cel phone or PLC. BI Pure Water staff may also have access to check the system from their office PLC for remote troubleshooting and assistance.

A remote monitoring and trending package can easily be added to a standard local control system; the components are a modem and additional software.