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Tablet chlorine: safer and simpler for operators to use

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Tablet chlorine: safer and simpler for operators to use

Accutab Blue Pails

The Accu-Tab solid form of chlorine offers safety and low maintenance benefits together with a small capital investment. With no chlorine gas cylinders to handle, chlorine releases are non existent. Process safety management and risk management program compliance worries disappear.

Accu-Tab 3-inch calcium hypochlorite tablets are easy to handle and store. The chlorinators contain no moving parts or small openings to clog, keeping maintenance at a minimum. The Accu-Tab system is accurate and predictable, as easy to adjust as gas, and more consistent than bleach. BIP/Accu-Tab chlorinators are certified NSF Standard 61.

AccuTab System Bleach Gas
Safety Easy to handle, no spills Spill and leak concerns if near skin or eyes Major gas leak concerns; deadly when inhaled
Changing Chemical Easy to add tablets, only one person needed Hard to maneuver, heavy drums or lots of small carboys Two trained persons needed, breathing protection required?
Material Compability More neutral pH, less corrosive High pH, corrosive Low pH, very corrosive
Convenience 55-lb pail of tablets is easy to handle Bleach drums are awkward to handle Hard to maneuver cylinders, special handling trianing needed
Maintains Chlorine Strength Small change over a year Significant loss in a week of hot weather Consistently 100% chlorine
Chlorine Delivery Control Consistent strength makes for easy, reliable control Ever changing strength makes for control difficulty Troublesome regulators needed, harder to automate
Storage Convenience 55-lb pails stacked three high, same space as 150 lb cylinder, no separate room Drums or bulk tanks require space and possibly containment pad Separate room with special access needed, fans, scrubbers
Auxiliary Equipment No moving parts in chlorinator itself Troublesome metering pumps required Eductors, regulators have small orifices prone to plugging
Accutab Blue Pails

BI Pure Water manufactures, installs, and services an Accu-Tab chlorination system with a small footprint. In most cases the system can be installed by in-house staff in less than a day.

A word about chlorine chemistry

Accutab Blue Pails

Accu-Tab tablets are available for Potable / Industrial Water Treatment (white) and Commercial Swimming Pools (blue). Product available in 25 kg containers.

Chlorine is available in many different forms. The most common include gas, liquid chlorine (sodium hypochlorite or bleach) and solid calcium hypochlorite. All three forms generate hypochlorous acid – the germ-killing form of chlorine – when dissolved in water. Chlorine is the only chemical that provides residual protection, which is very important and required in many water treatment applications.


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