Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

BI Pure Water designs on-site waste treatment systems and systems that increase process efficiency rather than relying on waste disposal that involves continuously transporting or dumping waste effluent. Some systems may be designed to recover water, nutrients or generate energy. Effluent from one process might be perfectly suitable for reuse in another process on site. With the proper treatment, a significant proportion of industrial on-site process water can be re-used or pollutants destroyed with new technologies.

mine waste treatments such as cyanide detox with SO2 shown in this photoMining Wastewaters

We have designed a package treatment skid for dewatering mine tailings and built an SO2 cyanide detox plant. Currently exploring selenium destruction and ammonia treatment in cold environments.

PLC controls system for water treatmentPharmaceutical & Cosmetic

Mineral wastes can be rendered non-toxic, and the biological and chemical oxidation demand of pharmaceutical wastewaters reduced, which eliminates expensive waste disposal. More about:

pulp and paper wastewatersPulp and Paper

Pulp and paper wastewaters usually contain lignins, sulfides, chlorinated organic compounds, dyes and biologically degradable chemicals such as cellulose. Our Advanced Oxidation Process is capable of oxidizing the compounds safely, except for cellulose. Cellulose is a polymer of glucose and is highly resistant to oxidation. Ask us for a consultation.

brewery wastewater treatment designBrewery and winery

Wastewater from breweries or wineries usually requires separating and diverting through different streams. A membrane bioreactor can be a suitable treatment.

frack water treatment systemOil & Gas/Fracking water

The oil and gas extraction and refining industry generates a wide variety of hydrocarbon-contaminated wastewaters such as tailing pond water, spent caustic, produced waters, frack water, cooling tower water, sour water, and tank bottom water. Hydrocarbon wastewater treatment.

leachate treatmentLandfill Leachate

Our containerized membrane bioreactors efficiently treat landfill leachate. We also have an advanced oxidation process that is rendering landfill leachates non-toxic. More about our landfill leachate treatments

manure and farm waste MBR treatment systemAgriculture & Fisheries

Systems that are working to recycle fishery and domestic animal wastewater. Also chlorination systems for purifying greenhouse water for reuse.

RO wastewater reuse systemCustom Wastewater Solutions

Process analysis and planning • Discharge Permit Compliance • Water reuse • environmental friendly wastewater treatment. Ask us about your difficult waste problem or request a pilot study.


Check out this new technology that we have started to implement! This is only possible because of our custom CAD models that we produce for every system we commission.
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