Agriculture & Food treatment systems

dechlorination unit for UBC biosciencesUBC Biosciences dechlorination unit is delivered ready-built to install

Agriculture Water Filtration

Our customers come to us when their water needs to be filtered or treated in specific ways for food industry and agricultural applications.


Dechlorination, UV or other treatment system may be a requirement in certain food processes and for juices, wineries, etc. Crescent Wines received a custom dechlorination unit for their award winning wine production. BI Pure provides consulting and treatment products to Coca-Cola, and Cott Beverages. BI Pure Water is able to supply cost effective, customized and easy to install systems for different food applications.

Several dechlorination units for University of British Columbia’s Biosciences have been installed over the years for their fish hatchery and studies. Most recently an activated carbon filtration system with a back up de-chlorination chemical injection system is providing continuous chlorine monitoring and treatment. The system is built and shipped complete to UBC in Washington, US, on a pallet, with onsite installation, service and support.

pH correction system for ministry of forestsMinistry of Forests pH correction system kiosk just before delivery

pH Adjustment

The Ministry of Forests received a water pH adjustment system designed and installed on a pallet for their Tree Seed Center. The system lowers the pH for the growing trees and conducts real time monitoring. An in-line sensor communicates via control panel to the acid dosing pump which injects a measured dosage of acid when required into the water system through an injection valve. The acid reacts with the water and a chemical reaction occurs to lower the pH level to the desired level of 7. The system comes with backup and acid handling safety features.

Agricultural Waste Treatment

BI Pure Water is working with ATD Manure Systems to develop a system to eliminate lagoons and manure disposal by treating hog and cow farm waste and turning it into potable water and compost pellets.


New AOP - Biperliminate addresses the toughest pollutants in the environment, pilot experiment via @YouTube

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