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We are a private company dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, and have been in business since 1995. Our manufacturing facility is located in Port Kells, Surrey. Due to consistent business growth we are often looking for skilled, reliable and honest employees. BI Pure Water offers competitive wages with benefits package, RRSP, and profit sharing. Resumes can be emailed via our contact form.

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Research Assistant

Duration (Must be at least 35 hrs/week and 12 weeks long. A typical Co-op term is four months. You may choose multiple term lengths.):
       – 4 months
       – 8 months

Placement term (When do you require the position to start):

September (Fall term)

Number of positions available: 1

Job description:

Under the safe Supervision of the R+D Manager, the Student will perform all or most of the following for customers and for
internal technology development :

  1. Review company organization, rules and employee safety training, including COVID-19.
  2. Meet with company engineering and science staff to review current projects and collaborate with customers doing project management.
  3. Study the environmental problems presented and the potential cost-effective environmental solutions.  Some fieldwork is required.
  4. Prepare standard solutions of oxidants, acids and bases by volumetric and gravimetric techniques (weighing, measuring volumes)
  5.  Perform acid/base and iodometric (oxidation/reduction) titrations
  6. Flocculation experiments with flocculants and coagulants and removal of the supernatant fraction and filtration/settling experiments
  7. Heating solutions and performing oxidations with various oxidants and reductions with reducing agents and with mixtures of oxidant and catalysts and other chemicals in aqueous solutions and other solvents
  8. Measure visible/near UV spectra of the solutions before/after reaction or settling.  In addition to turbidity, measurements of pH, fluoride concentration and Total Dissolved Solids will be conducted
  9. Prepare samples and work orders for shipment to outside labs for detailed analytical testing
  10. Record such data in a notebook, perform basic calculations of concentration, to determine process operating and capital costs and graph data using Excel and/or Powerpoint.  Prepare reports in MS Word and other styles.
  11. Maintain a clean and safe laboratory area and apply standard Personal Protective Equipment to maintain a safe operating environment for the above tasks
  12. In addition, the Student will receive training in the underlying chemistry of all of the above tasks as well as the business drivers for all of the experimental projects.

Job requirements and qualifications:

  • The following qualifications are strongly preferred:
    A background in environmental, chemical or other engineering disciplines, the environment and other related science types.
  • Demonstrated organization ability both for a work area and for note taking, report preparation.
    Basic chemistry background (titrations, preparing solutions, calculating molarity, etc.)
  • Demonstrated ability to learn quickly through training and research.
    Demonstrated attitude to adapt quickly to changing job tasks.
  • Prior lab experience and experience with chemical Personal Protective Equipment (lab coats, gloves, etc.)

Citizenship requirement: Canadian citizens only

Please send your resume with the subject “Research Assistant” to [email protected]