Water Solutions

Water Solutions

reverse osmosis water treatment system for Manitoba potash siteCustom Engineered Treatment Systems

Twenty years of experience designing and building package water and chemical treatment plants for a growing variety of requirements. More about our engineering

PLC controls system for water treatmentControls & Automation

Our team of programmers and engineers have designed and built reliable control, monitoring and automation systems for a wide variety of treatment systems. More about our programming and controls

pump design for water treatment systemPumping Systems

We are often contracted for the design and build of custom or engineered pump packages. We are an OEM for all popular pumps and we engineer the systems for longer life and a lower energy requirement. Learn more about our pump packages and custom buildings

BI Pure Water custom chlorination systemChlorination

Hundreds of our BIPW-Accu-Tab clorine puck chlorinators are in use across Canada, for small-medium potable water sites or large pools. More about our chlorinators

containerized remote treatment systemsPackage Treatment Plants

The core of our business is designing, building and testing custom package treatment plants from our Surrey facility and shipping them around the world. More about package treatment systems

small municipal water treatment systemsFirst Nations

Treatment Systems

All our First Nations water treatment systems have been in use for more than ten years without issue. See our award winning First Nations systems.

chemical dosing system for water treatment plantChemical Dosing Systems

We’re experienced in building reliable dosing systems integrated with controls and monitors. We design them for ease of installation, and the control options can be tailored to your requirements.

instrument for water treatmentInstrumentation

Years of experience using, testing and building instruments such as chlorine and turbidity analyzers and flow meters, and integrating them with our control systems, has made us experts at custom instrumentation.

industrial water treatment systemIndustrial Process Water Treatment and Water Recycling

Custom designed and built systems that treat or recycle water from mines and industrial sites. More about our wastewater and process water treatment

custom vault for Baker LakeAccess Vaults and Infrastructure

Designing and building custom access vaults and piping for specific challenges and environments See our custom vaults and infrastructure projects


Check out this new technology that we have started to implement! This is only possible because of our custom CAD models that we produce for every system we commission.
We are able to create 3D videos for training operators and educating owners/stakeholders.

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