Accu-Tab Chlorine Pucks

Accu-Tab Chlorine Pucks

Accutab Blue Pails
Accutab chlorine containerAccu-Tab tablets are available for Potable / Industrial Water Treatment (white) and Commercial Swimming Pools (blue). Product available in 25 kg containers.

BI Pure Water is a Vancouver, BC distributor for Accu-tab calcium hypochlorite tablets for pools or industrial chlorination. Accu-Tab calcium hypochlorite is a dry form of chlorine that is efficient and easy to use. In solution with water, it is used as a general disinfectant to destroy bacteria, algae, slime, fungi and other microorganisms. Calcium hypochlorite is used primarily to chlorinate swimming pools, and to disinfect drinking water supplies and sewage systems. It is also used as a sanitizer in a number of food processing, commercial, institutional, and domestic applications.

The Accu-Tab system is a good alternative to liquid bleach and potential gas hazards. With no chlorine gas cylinders to handle, chlorine releases are non existent. Process safety management and risk management program compliance worries disappear. Accu-Tab 3-inch calcium hypochlorite tablets are easy to handle. The chlorinators contain no moving parts or small openings to clog, keeping maintenance at a minimum. The Accu-Tab system is accurate and predictable, as easy to adjust as gas, and more consistent than bleach.

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