Building a sewage treatment plant for 7500 people

  • effluent tank
  • SAF building
  • sewage treatment plant packages
  • MBBR tank
  • effluent pump
  • dewatering unit
  • waste water treatment packages
  • package plant out
  • outside wwtp
  • Amit is the primary CAD designer for the plant and he was caught checking out the effluent tank, which will be inside the building - module 7.
  • Fabricating the components of the SAF with the various modules under construction.
  • Building the last modules of the waste treatment plant
  • EIT Nadia assisted with coordinating the build of the waste treatment plant, pictured here with the MBBR tank, the main treatment for the sewage.
  • The modules are complete and together and complete just before shipping. Showing the effluent tank and pump with two SAFs (2 of 4) in the background.
  • Complete modules with the sludge dewatering unit on the left, and pump variable frequency drives on the right.
  • Building modules have been separated and are being moved into place for shipment.
  • Module 8 shrink wrapped and ready to go.
  • Package plant is loaded onto waiting truck with an electric hoist built especially for the 8-module waste water treatment plant.


Emergency water treatment plant arrives for Ontario First Nations Community

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