CSA certified for pre-engineered steel buildings

BI Pure Water Canada Inc. is certified A660-10 (R2014), a Certification of Manufacturers of Steel Building Systems

In accordance with the National Building Code, steel building systems are manufactured by companies certified to CSA A660 “Certification of Manufacturers of Steel Building Systems.” A steel building system (SBS) features steel for the structural components plus related accessories engineered and designed as a total building system, commonly referred to as “pre-engineered buildings” for which the manufacturer is responsible for both the structural design and fabrication of the building system.

Because the manufacturer of these buildings is often remote from the building site and buildings are frequently sold through a dealer or contractor, and because local code enforcement officials may lack the capability to check the structural analysis of a building, problems may occur in determining the acceptability of such structures. It is the intent of this Standard and the accompanying certification program to help alleviate such problems.

Since the designer of the steel building system is also the seller, there is no independent third-party representing the interests of the public. CSA A660 ensures that the SBS manufacturer is complying with the applicable building codes and design standards, and the public is protected.

The CSA-A660 Standard was developed at the request of the Canadian Steel Building System manufacturers and provides assistance to code enforcement officials in the process of reviewing building permit submissions incorporating a steel building system, ensuring the purchasers obtain a quality building. This standard audits all aspects of the manufacturer’s process, including engineering design methods and personnel, materials control, fabrication, warehousing, packaging, shipping, erection documentation, and quality assurance in the plant.

If there are technical questions, please email Engineering Manager Paul Anderson, P.Eng. FEC.


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