Custom Engineered Treatment Systems

BI Pure Water has engineered hundreds of custom water treatment plants for challenging water systems throughout Western Canada. BI Pure Water manufactures package plants cost effectively for lower overall cost for system users.

Engineering Staff

  • Professional Civil/Water Engineer
  • Professional Chemical Engineer
  • Wastewater Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • CAD technicians
  • Control Technicians
  • Service Technicians

Engineering Services

  • Conceptual design
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Review of water analysis and process selection
  • Cost-benefit analyses – our multi-disciplinary team determines the most cost effective approach
  • Mechanical, control and electrical design working together
  • Bills of materials
  • Technical operation and maintenance manuals

Pilot Plants

BI Pure Water has several pilot plants available for rent, pilot plants for treating iron/manganese, brackish/saline, high organic carbon or chemical contaminated waters. These pilot plants can include various combinations of:

  • Ultrafiltration and/or RO membranes for TDS
  • Chemical and UV advanced oxidation pre-treatment
  • Sand, cartridge or membrane filtration
  • Primary ultraviolet disinfection and residual chlorination
pilot-plant-filter-uv7 Lpm (2 USGpm) flowing water through a 5 micron cartridge filter, membranes and an Ultraviolet unit. Three feed pumps dispense chemicals for pretreatment and backwash.
pilot-plant-filter-uvPilot plant – 6 Lpm (1.5 USGpm) flows saline water (up to a TDS of 5000) through an antiscalant chemical, Ultraviolet unit, 4 membranes and post treatment.
pilot plant-filter, carbon and uvPilot Plant – 38 to 75 Lpm (10 to 20 USGpm) consists of 20 micron, 5 micron cartridges, three activated carbon, and finally Ultraviolet disinfection.