Hanovia Pool UV

Pool UV Disinfection with Hanovia

Popular, quality European UV

BI Pure Water is a distributor for quality UV manufacturer Hanovia. BI Pure also provides service visits and replacement Hanovia lamps.

Adding a Hanovia UV component to your pool treatment improves water clarity, will cut your use of chemicals typically by 50 per cent, and with the popularity of UV may well give your facility a competitive advantage.

UV treatment seems to increase pool bather and employee comfort with less complaints about smell. The UV system requires little maintenance and will reduce energy bills if you use the power switching option. As well as being effective against chloramines, UV kills all micro-organisms, including the chlorine resistant pathogens Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Hanovia UV fact sheet Hanovia UV Fact Sheet (Download PDF, 4pg, 1.8 MB)
  • Easy to install
  • NSF 50 Certified
  • Arc lamps last a year
  • Can operate manually or with ORP controllers
  • Various Hanovia models – customized to meet your requirements
Top Right: Salt Spring Island public pool’s Hanovia UV unit

How UV Works

UV has the same ultraviolet germicidal rays as sunshine, but the light is hundreds of times stronger. No bacteria, viruses, moulds or their spores can withstand this treatment. A UV Arc Tube – a quartz tube similar to a fluorescent strip light – is filled with inert gas, and provides an initial discharge which excites the minute amount of mercury present.

The Hanovia monitor provides continuous measurement of each UV lamp in the treatment chamber and provides feedback on UV performance to the operator.


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