Landfill Leachate Treatment

Landfill Leachate Treatment

pilot studies on landfill leachate wastewater Above: Landfill leachate samples are taken at a well. Below: the moving bed bioreactor at work in the container, with a closeup view of the MBBR media in the container pilot studies on landfill leachate wastewater

Where leachate is an issue due to contaminants in the landfill or runoff, BI Pure Water is providing custom moving bed bioreactors or an advanced oxidation process (AOP) to destroy pollutants too difficult for biology.

Phenols, BPAs, creosotes, naphthenic acids, and a wide range of difficult to treat contaminants have been found at above allowable levels in leachates.

Our AOP called Biperliminate™ can remediate the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and lower the demand on biological treatment for leachates sent to the community wastewater plant. As well as destroying industrial pollutants and toxins not treatable in primary biological treatment ponds, Biperliminate™ easily destroys hydrogen sulfide and can replace your odour control chemicals, destroying other polluting chemicals at the same time, even at close to freezing temperatures, for less cost.

A BI Pure Water leachate treatment system begins with a pilot study on a representative water sample. BI Pure Water’s experienced wastewater team designs a system customized to most efficiently treat your leachate source to your needs. After pilot testing of specific equipment to optimize the leachate treatment, the final system is built at the factory and then delivered to site in a container or as a small, mobile skid-mounted unit to fit into existing facilities.

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