Packaged Pump Systems engineered for long life

BI Pure Water’s custom engineered packaged pump skids and systems are serving industries, mines and municipalities across Canada, from a Nunavut gold mine, to a new Okanagan subdivision, to Site C dam pumphouses.


Engineered pump systems are designed to maximize energy efficiency, ease of operation and servicing, as well as lowest life-cycle cost. Since BI Pure Water is also in the business of servicing treatment plants, we design for both the needs of owners and the long term servicing efficiency for operators.


BI Pure Water’s exceptional customer service and fast parts delivery, as well as our sole-source responsibility guarantees the maximum life cycle from your pump. All of our work in Nunavut and Site C dam is a result of our responsible customer support.


With qualified mechanical, electrical and controls technicians available for customer support and servicing, along with permanent archives of every system we provide, the owner/operator does not have to track down the various subcontractors or manufacturers involved in past projects.


Whether your application requires precision metering pumps dispensing small volumes, large capacity systems with flow rates of many m3 per minute, suction-lift dewatering or high pressure booster pumps, BI Pure Water demonstrates the value of sole source accountability coupled with sustainable engineering practices.

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Submersible pumps as part of an intake with screen sleeves to protect them are used to deliver water from the fast-flowing Peace River

A design for a submersible pump station which will deliver water from one tailings pond to another

Chemical injection systems with metering pumps