Pool Water Treatment

Pool Water Treatment

Safe and efficient chlorine distribution

BIPW-Accutab chlorinatorChlorination unit being used in Canada Games Pool

BIP Pool Chlorinator

chlorinator brochureBIP in partnership with Axiall Industries, a world leader in chemical applications, has a safe, simple and accurate chlorination system that has been replacing outdated chlorine systems in pools such as at the Canada Summer Games facility in Kamloops.

The BIP Chlorinator and Accu-Tablets deliver precisely the level of chlorine needed automatically. Bleach will lose strength rapidly in storage. Other methods may provide variable chlorine levels. Accu-Tab Blue tablets have a patented controlled erosion agent for continuous, steady chlorination in pools. The chance of chemical spills or gas leaks is reduced to almost zero.

  • Easy to install with only two plumbing and two electrical connections
  • Easily adapts to your existing chlorine controllers
  • Maintains the strength of the chlorine so less chemicals are needed
  • The chemical distribution system is easier on pool equipment and surfaces

The BIP Chlorinator for the pool operates manually or with ORP controllers. The chlorinator is typically cleaned out only once at the end of the season, requiring fewer water balance adjustments, and there are no moving parts to replace. The pool chlorinator can be pressure injected or gravity fed and is NSF 50 certified. It can be engineered for below grade or above grade filters. Accutab has improved sand filtration, providing crystal clear pool water that is nearer to neutral pH, and over stabilization is prevented.


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