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Recent Projects

biological exchange tanks treating organics in water Fires in area color the sky as Middle River Biological Exchange water treatment system is commissioned in August

First Nations community of Middle River tries biological exchange treatment for organics

Middle River, BC, August, 2018 Using a design-build approach, a First Nations fishing community in northern BC was delivered a new water treatment plant, ending the long term boil water advisory. INAC’s purpose was to get potable water to the small community for the lowest cost and shortest timeline. Water treatment was needed that would operate in wide seasonal variations including very low winter temperatures, and minimal maintenance. The research group RES’EAU-WaterNET pilot-tested then brought biological exchange to address the organics in the water supply that was creating chlorine disinfection byproducts. Media in vessels captures particles and increases the UV transmittance before water passes through the UV for 4-log credits, then chlorine injection for final disinfection. The operators were involved throughout the design-build process for their input and to learn the system. The BIEX can be alternated with ion exchange mode (IEX), using the same media, if required. newBI Pure Water Engineering Manager Paul Anderson in small package ultrafiltration plant being readied for shipment

Ultrafiltration skid for hydro site

Powell River, BC, October 2017 A new ultrafiltration unit to double filtration capacity was ordered for the Toba Montrose hydro electric site. BI Pure Water had provided the original UF in 2010 to treat turbid water at the hydro dam and the client required more treated water for more people. BI Pure Water added a single new Inge UF to replace the two older UF vessels and treat up to 75 L/min depending on raw water quality, with just chlorine and air injection to backwash the membrane.

Automatic chlorine injection unit

Langley, BC, February, 2018 chlorine injection unitLangley Grove Estates now has reliable chlorine injectionBI Pure Water has been building chemical and chlorine injection skids for many years. A BI Pure Water chlorination system replaced an existing unreliable injection and well intake for a privately owned resort community. BI Pure Water’s experienced field technicians were able to troubleshoot and design a cost effective system including the intake well pump that would work for the community. With our chlorination experience, BI Pure Water designed the system with the most reliable chlorination components.

Another Nunavut plant lands in Arviat

Arviat, NU, September, 2018 Arviat Nunavut package water treatment plant being placedArviat package plant being moved into position beside the man-made reservoir
BI Pure Water built and delivered a new water treatment plant for the Nunavut community of Arviat on the west coast of Hudson’s Bay. With no railroad to Churchill, Manitoba, the package plant was built in the factory in four sections, trucked from Vancouver to Montreal, then barged through the Arctic to Hudson’s Bay in heavy ice conditions. The Arctic had a large and late-breaking icepack in the summer of 2018. BI Pure Water crew rushed to site to work on installation and infrastructure before snowfall.
The plant is similar in size and layout to the Baker Lake and Cambridge Bay plants built by BI Pure Water. This is the ninth package plant built for the government of Nunavut. Water treatment consists of large filtration tanks, sediment filters, UV and chlorination. The water storage tanks are heat traced and insulated. Arviat package plant being moved into position beside reservoirCity of Coquitlam water treatment plant with Accu-Tab chlorine in background

VFD pumps, chlorinators, and panel designed and installed for City of Coquitlam

Coquitlam, BC, March, 2018
ABB Automation & Control distributor Proax recommended BI Pure Water’s electrical and engineering staff to design and install VFD controls for their new VFD pumps. BI Pure Water uses ABB parts often for their reliability in our package water treatment plants. The City of Coquitlam was already familiar with BI Pure Water as we built and service several chlorination stations for the City.


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