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Recent Projects

remote camp washdown water treatment skid and complete water treatment skid

Water and waste treatment system for mine comes in a box

Tundra Mine, Nunavut, March 2017

The new Tundra mine received a complete portable, potable water treatment system and a washdown water recycling system “in a box”. The versatile water treatment skid is a UV unit/cartridge filters/sodium hypochlorite injection in a box just 40″x30″x32″high that treats flows of 5gpm for up to 100 mine staff. The system runs automatically or manually from the included control panel. The skid is sized to throw in the back of a pickup truck or fit into an existing building.

The washdown water skid consists of pumps, bag filter and carbon filter vessel with backwash hookup for water hose. It is capable of filtering 20USGPM washwater and the filtrate can be used again for washdowns. It is a little larger than the water system – a 7.3′ tall x 4’long by 5.8′ wide “box” – but still manageable from the back of a pickup truck, and portable. The systems are designed to be easy to use and maintain.

pumphouse for mine tailing ponds

Pumphouses for new Rankin Inlet gold mine move mine waste

Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, June 2017

Pumping stations for very large flows of 4000GPM are designed to deliver water between tailings ponds for a new gold mine near Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. The pumphouses were designed and built in BI Pure Water’s factory in April/May and delivered in June.

pumphouse for subdivisionPumping water up the Vernon Hill

Vernon, BC, June 2017

City water will be piped to the first of two pumphouses at lower elevation then delivered to 622 meters to a new subdivision in Vernon with incredible views. BI Pure assisted KWL in the design of Grundfos pumps at 107 USGPM to deliver the water; in the second pumphouse the chlorine content is assessed and boosted as needed by a BI Pure Water chlorinator, before distribution to homes. Care is taken to preserve the quality of Vernon city water. BI Pure Water delayed the delivery of the pumphouses until late June as the municipality is managing extreme spring flooding issues.

community fire pump houseNunavut capital receives new fire pump house

Iqaluit, Nunavut, June 2017

A fire pump housed in a steel frame building was shipped complete to Nunavut to fit in snugly beside the water treatment plant and provide emergency water supply to the energy building. BI Pure Water made design provisions for testing of the water supply all year in extremely cold temps. The Clarke diesel pump with battery backup power is capable of delivering 1500 US gpm at 75 psi.


They did it! #UBC operations team practicing making potable water with their treatment trailer and filling the #emergencypreparedness water storage bladder

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