Industrial/Potable Water Chlorination

BIPW in partnership with Axiall Industries, a world leader in chemical applications, has a safe, simple and accurate chlorinator that is easier to use than liquid bleach or gas. Hundreds of our chlorinators are in use across Western Canada in parks, resorts, large and small communities.

With the Accu-Tab system, calcium hypochlorite tablets are eroded by a stream of water. The chlorinated liquid solution is stored in a tank until injected into the source water by a metering pump. Precise chlorine delivery is controlled by the rate of water flow. The BIPW Chlorinator and Accu-Tablets deliver precisely the level of chlorine needed automatically.

BIPW Chlorinators

BIPW Accu-Tab chlorinator brochure Model 3012
Chlorine Delivery: 0.45 kg/hr (1 lb/hr)
Water Flows: 80 – 100 L/min
Model 3075
Chlorine Delivery: 4.6 kg/hr (10.2 lb/hr)
Water Flows: 80 – 1000 L/min
Model 3150
Chlorine Delivery: 10 kg/hr (22 lb/hr)
Water Flows: 1000–8000 L/min

The BI Pure Water Advantage

  • Safer, easier to use systems
  • NSF Standard 61
  • Providing accurate and uniform chlorine delivery
  • Engineered for below grade or above grade filters
  • Easily adapts to current systems and controllers or use manually
  • SCADA Compatible and/or SCADA equipped.
  • Flow proportion control
  • 3 Models – customized to meet your requirements